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  Spiritual Growth: Beginner  

About Beginner Christians

As a beginner in Christianity you have accepted Christ's gift of salvation and are experiencing the joy of your new found faith. Beginner Christians tend to exhibit these characteristics:

  • You have accepted the gift of salvation.
  • You fellowship with other Christians (Ex: Attend a church).
  • You are learning how to incorporate prayer in your life.

Spiritual Growth Articles

  • Feet in Sand

    A Run on the Beach with Jesus

    Jesus is perhaps the best running partner there is, He is always running with you.

  • God's Hand

    How to Be a Friend of Jesus

    Would you like to be a friend of Jesus? First, like all friends, you need to spend time with him. It takes time to develop a relationship and to do that you need to spend time in prayer.

  • Praying Hands in Clouds

    How Prayer & Spirituality Work Together

    What are the visible and invisible realms and how are they related?

  • Heart

    The Power of Love!

    You can have an immense impact on someone when you love them.

  • Christian Hats

    Put on Your Christian Hat!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if people could just look at you and say, "Hey, he is a Christian and I want to talk to him about it."

  • Jesus Laughing

    How to Imitate Christ's Lifestyle

    Most of us are forced into living a fast paced life style because of the state of the current world situations. As a Christian, we are called to make Christ, our Lord, the center of our lives. Therefore, we need to readjust our lives according to His will, so that we can learn how to imitate His life style.