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Learning Points

  • Learn how to boost our spirituality through prayer.

How Prayer & Spirituality Work Together

What is Prayer?

Prayer bridges the gap between God and us.  It provides us with the means to commune with God in a close and personal way.  Through prayer we can express our thoughts, concerns, needs, and praise to God. Of course we should never forget that prayer should be a dialog.  We must remember to stop and listen for the Lord’s guidance in our lives.  We should look for his promptings and try to align our lives with His will for us.  If we are doing all the talking and never listening we will often miss his promptings.

What is Spirituality?

There are many forms and ideas about what spirituality really is, but true Christian spirituality is a deeper growth of knowledge and understanding of God.

How Prayer & Spirituality Work Together

Now that we understand what prayer and spirituality are, it should become quite clear that there is a direct relationship between them.  It is through the open dialog of prayer that we come to know God in a very personal way.  The more time we spend with God in prayer the more opportunities He has to share more spiritual knowledge with us.  This is where our spiritual growth really begins.