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The Visible & Invisible Realms

Learning Points

  • Learn how the earthly and spiritual realms relate to each other.
  • Learn how prayers affect both realms.

The Visible & Invisible Realms

The visible realm is what we are most familiar with in our daily lives. It is our environment and surroundings here on Earth. It is what we see, hear, smell, and taste each day of our lives. It is the home where our physical bodies reside throughout the course of our lifespan.

What is the Invisible Realm?

The invisible realm is often called the spiritual realm. This is the place where our spirits and souls reside. It is the realm in which both heaven and hell exist and the place we will live for all of eternity after our physical bodies die. Similarly, it is the realm where the angels and demons reside and much more.

The Original Creation before Sin

In the beginning when God first created the universe he blended the visible and invisible realms together. The Garden of Eden was the perfect blending of the two realms. Adam and Eve fully interacted with both the visible and invisible realms in perfect harmony. They had full awareness of both realms simultaneously and interacted with them both.

After sin entered the creation, however, the perfect blending of the two realms was torn apart. The Visible and Invisible realms began to separate. This separation not only affected Adam and Eve’s environment, but it affected them as well. Their spirits and souls became more separated from their physical bodies. As a result, they no longer had the full awareness of the spiritual realm as they once did. This is why it is sometimes said that we live in a broken world.

Although the two realms have separated more, they both still exist simultaneously and they are still closely related.

How are the Visible & Invisible Realms Related Today?

Although we normally cannot see the invisible realm with our normal eyes, it is very real and events that take place in this realm have a tremendous influence on what happens to us in the visible world. Since we cannot readily see the spiritual realm we rarely give it much thought or consideration. Even when we do think about it we tend to view it as a sort of fantasy or dream world that is not as significant as the visible world around us that we wake up to each morning.

Ironically, it is the spiritual realm that has the greatest influence on our lives whether we realize it or not; and here is why:

  • Any event that takes place in the spiritual realm automatically manifests itself in the visible realm in some manner or another and nothing can stop it from happening.

Have you ever felt like the world doesn’t make sense? Have you ever found yourself struggling to explain why something happened to you or someone you know? Have you ever found yourself saying, "what a strange coincidence?" Once you begin to understand how much of an influence the spiritual realm has on the world around you, things will begin to make a little more sense. You may even come to the ultimate realization which is:

  • There are no coincidences! They are merely events that have already played out in the spiritual realm.

How Prayer Can Change the World!

If we accept the idea that anything and everything that is accomplished in the spiritual realm must automatically manifest itself in the visible world, it stands to reason then that if we want to make a change in this world, the best way to do it is to make the change in the spiritual realm. The next obvious question that follows is, "how do we make a change in the spiritual realm?" The answer is really quite simple:

  • Prayer is our instrument for change in the spiritual realm!

Through prayer we appeal to God to take action in the situation. The strongest and wisest prayer that we can make is to ask for God’s will to be done in the matter. If we offer a request to God that is in conflict with his will then our request will not be carried out. If, however, we ask for God’s will to be done in the matter we can rest assured that he will act on it in accordance with his will and not our own. It’s through God’s power that changes are made in the spiritual realm and consequently in the visible world around us.

I think we can see now that prayer is a powerful instrument for change. Together, we can change the world one prayer at a time!