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  Have You Forgotten?  

Learning Points

  • Remember that God rules this world!
  • Remember the power of the cross.
  • Remember to fight for God's Kingdom!

Have You Forgotten?

Have you forgotten I AM on the throne?
Have you forgotten Satan overthrown?
Have you given up the fight?
Have you stopped fighting for what’s right?
Have you decided to abandon your call?
Have you begun to focus on The Fall?

"Turn to Me all you who are weary."
Not just a phrase without any meaning.
Jesus Christ has conquered sin and death.
Do you live out this truth with your every breath?

Have you forgotten the POWER of the cross?
Or are you living as one of the lost?
You say you believe Jesus Christ is Lord.
But have you rendered them useless words?
Are you living in Christ’s freedom?
Take a stand and fight for His Kingdom.

Throw off your nature of flesh.
You can’t afford to regress!
Jesus calls us all to fight the good fight.
But do it the right way – fight in His Might.

You once knew these truths deep in your soul.

But…have you forgotten – He requires your all?