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  Life's Choices  

Learning Points

  • Learn to find contentment in your struggles.
  • Learn to turn your disadvantages into blessings.

Life's Choices

Once there was a man who suffered severe injuries in a car accident, but he survived. His life style was completely changed forever. Now he was frail and confined to a wheelchair. This man became a bitter angry individual, who wasted all his time and energy complaining about how unfair his circumstances were. He kept asking these questions over and over again:

“Where is God now? Why did he let this happen to me?”

The man had lived a good Christian life and had attended church regularly, but now he turned away from God. He blamed God for all the misfortunes in his now tortured existence. He lived out the remainder of his life as a very lonely, angry, and unproductive individual.

Another man also had bad times befall him. A stroke left him partially paralyzed and in a wheelchair. This man knew about God, believed in God and went to church only occasionally because he had a very fast paced busy sales career in a major corporation. Now his life was turned upside down. During his convalescence, he found that he had a lot of time to think and ponder things. So he used his time wisely; he learned how to function most efficiently in his wheelchair and he spent time reading the Bible and growing his faith. As his faith grew, he began finding ways that he could help others. He joined a Bible study and the church prayer chain. Later he started teaching Sunday school classes and leading prayer meetings. His life changed completely and drastically, but he found himself thanking and praising God for his circumstances.

Where are you on your walk with God? Is your faith strong enough to weather life’s storms? Can you change your life’s disadvantages into blessings and serving God more fully?

During your life, remember whatever your circumstances may be God is always with you! Let him shine his light through you, especially when the darkness surrounds you!