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  Spiritual Momentum  

Learning Points

  • Learn how to move in the direction of God.

Spiritual Momentum

Momentum… Once you are moving in the direction of God, nothing can stop you!"

Looking for a way to put order into your life on a daily basis? Do you need some motivation and uplifting in your normal routine? Momentum offers a quick outline on how to prioritize your life on a daily basis. Sometimes our schedules are so overwhelming that we feel that we barely have time in our day to take a deep cleansing breath. With God's help we can learn about what is truly important in our lives and make sure we let those close to us know how much we love and care about them. It only takes a moment… to tell someone you care, give a hug, smile at someone, send a get-well card, a quick telephone call, a short e-mail message, think about God!


  • Before you begin your day, be sure to give praise to God for all of your blessings.
  • Ask the "Good Lord" to help you with the challenges of your day.
  • Carry on a dialogue with Jesus throughout the day.
  • When in doubt, ask "What would Jesus Do?"
  • Take every opportunity to demonstrate your love for the Lord in your actions, thoughts, and works.
  • Always remember, God has a sense of humor.
  • God wants you to share your thoughts with him. He loves you and is your friend.
  • At the end of the day, thank God for the blessings and once again ask him to be with you with the obstacles that are in your life.


  • Did you get the cashier, that was having a bad day, to smile?
  • Were you honest in your dealings with other people?
  • Did you treat the ones you love with enthusiasm?
  • Were you more interested or interesting?
  • Did you set the example of integrity in your business decisions?
  • Did you exercise your heart today? How about your spirit?
  • Is keeping a positive reputation important to you?
  • Did you fill your mind with positive thoughts?
  • Did you start your day with Jesus?


  • Did you hug your children today?
  • Did you tell your children how much you love them?
  • Was it more convenient for you to put a video in rather than sit on the floor and play a game with your child?
  • Did you, by example, show your spouse and children how important Jesus is in all of your lives?
  • Despite being stressed and tired from the day, did you show interest in your spouse's day?
  • Was prayer a part of meals and bedtime?
  • Did you pay your spouse a compliment?
  • Don't take for granted what God has given you!


  • Always make certain that your parents are appreciated in word and in action.
  • Respect is shown when parents are still asked for advice regardless of their age.
  • Share your children's activities with your parents. Grandma and Grandpa are always proud to watch a ball game or enjoy a show.
  • Be patient and sensitive to the fact that parents, like us, are aging.
  • How do you want to be treated by your children? That is exactly how your parents want to be noticed. (Love, Respect, and Enthusiasm).
  • Treat a parent to a meal, cut their lawn, go to the store.
  • Our parents have given us more than we can ever thank them for in terms of support, love and the ability to live a good life. Let them know how you feel!

Siblings/Family Members

  • Call a family member on the telephone just to say, "hi."
  • Take time to baby-sit a siblings child so the parents can have a night out.
  • Build your family members up… Isn't that what "Family" is all about?
  • Strive to rectify any family misunderstandings. "You will never correct a situation until you confront it."
  • All good things work out when it is for the Lord.
  • Enjoy the simple things in life… everyday stuff.
  • TEAM: T=Together, E=Everyone, A=Achieves, M=More


  • If you hang around enthusiastic, upbeat individuals, it definitely will have a positive impact on your life.
  • Sometimes we are so busy making a living… that we don't make a life.
  • Choose to get a great attitude … enjoy your life.
  • See the good in every situation. "Met a man that didn't have any shoes till he met the man that didn't have any feet."
  • Enthusiasm is contagious… it paints life with color.
  • Don't dwell on what you don't have.
  • Slow down and enjoy the journey.
  • Don't endure it… enjoy it… Life of Victory that God has given you.

Winning In Life

SMP, S=Spiritually, M=Mentally, P=Physically

Making SMP a part of YOUR life will allow you to win personally and professionally.

This is the life God has given me and I am going to enjoy it!

Motivational Thoughts

  • Given the same piece of clay, the Pessimist will mold a cave, the Optimist will sculpture a castle.
  • Let us be full of joy NOW!
  • Most people spend more time planning their wedding than they do planning their marriage.
  • It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice!
  • Enthusiasm paints life with color.
  • Anything less than excellence is compromise.
  • Did you ever wonder how a dog wins friends and influences people without ever reading a book?
  • Don't be afraid to go out on a limb because that is where the fruit is.