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  Nothing Will Keep Me Down

Learning Points

  • Learn to trust God in our physical and mental struggles.

Nothing Will Keep Me Down

When I struggle physically or mentally I turn to the Lord.  He gives power, strength, confidence, and solutions to problems I would never have dreamed of.

All the fear of life leaves me when I turn to the lord. His still silent voice gives me the answer. His love for me and the world is too great to comprehend entirely, but I still try knowing my faith, love, and want for Him brings me results.

A light in the darkness, shining down on me and in me compels me to move forward, reaching out to others, restoring their faith and trust in the Lord. And with this answer to life, they multiple the love of the Lord to others. The Kingdom keeps on growing when we take to heart the simple words, “Nothing will keep me down,” for the Lord is in me.

Praise the Lord!

Amen (So be it)