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  Trust God…Let Go!  

Learning Points

  • Learn how God is faithful and true to his promises.
  • Learn how to avoid blaming God for our problems.

Trust God…Let Go!

Read John 14:9-14

God is faithful and true to his promises. Seek and search throughout the entire old and new testaments of the Bible; the Lord always keeps his promises. It is not the Lord who lets us down in our lives, but he most assuredly is usually given all the blame. How often do we blame God when things don't go the way we want them to? Our health is poor, our jobs are insecure, our desires are not being met and why can't we financially get ahead? So often we will say, but I prayed to God for his help and nothing happened to improve my life.

God is there to guide and direct our lives if we will truly let him. How do we do this? We must give our will over to God's will in order that he may fully take charge. God has given us free will - The freedom to choose him and his ways or choose our own way. If we give our will over to God in each and every situation or choice in our life, then we will see what God has in store for us and our lives. God has an important role for each and everyone of us and various gifts of the Holy Spirit are bestowed upon us as we choose to follow and serve the Lord. See Galatians 5:22-26 for the fruits of the Spirit or gifts that we are given in order to serve God. God gives us what he feels we need in order to better serve him and others. Our relationship with God is a symbiotic relationship, each giving and supporting the other. Our purpose in life is to follow God and his commands in order to serve him and others. His greatest command is to love each other. Show your love to God and to others. Give God praise, glory and thanksgiving for all he has done for you and will do for you in the future.

Let us refer now to the passages in John 14:13-14:

And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

People might misinterpret these verses to mean God will give us whatever we ask for whenever we need or desire it. We need to look deeper to find the true meaning and complete understanding. We must be asking for things that will help us to better serve God and further his kingdom. What we ask for must be used to bring glory to God the Father and his Heavenly Kingdom. If and when we are properly serving the Lord, he blesses us and our lives in amazing ways.

Simply pray the following prayer each and every day for each and every need or concern in your life.

Lord Jesus Christ, I give my will to you, not my will but your will be done in all things. Amen

Believe in God with all your heart and soul. Now see God's miracles working in your life! Trust God - Let Go!