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Spiritual Growth: Intermediate

About Intermediate Christians

As an intermediate Christian you have been expanding your knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a Christian. Intermediate Christians tend to exhibit these characteristics:

  • You study the Bible on your own and may attend small group studies as well.
  • You have increased your prayer life by praying on a regular basis.
  • You may be involved in service work by fulfilling the needs of others.

Spiritual Growth Articles

  • Jesus Loves Children

    Show a Little Love

    God has given us the power of love in the incarnation and sacrifice of His beloved son the Lord Jesus Christ. Now let us learn from God's example and the life of His only true son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Communion

    How to Forgive Yourself and Others

    When we forgive both ourselves and others we invite the peace of our lord Jesus Christ into our heart. Far greater than anything we could ever hope for, is knowing that our savior has forgiven us. And what a joy and peace that brings!

  • Stress

    How to Simplify Your Life

    As our days are filled with apprehension, time constraints and escalating responsibilities, it becomes difficult to find peace. Our priorities become clouded as growing demands from work, family, friends and extra-curricular activities spiral out of control.

  • Dove with Olive Branch

    Inner Peace

    Let us begin by understanding that true inner peace is a precious gift from God and not something that we can achieve on our own.

  • Cross

    How to Make Faith Based Choices!

    In order to make faith based choices we need to have faith that our choices are in God’s will.

  • Not My Problem

    It's Not My Problem!

    It’s hard to go through life without having heard or even used the phrase “It’s not my problem!” We hear it most often in the workplace, but its usage often finds its way into our personal lives and relationships as well.

  • Realms

    The Visible & Invisible Realms

    What are the visible and invisible realms and how are they related?