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  Spiritual Growth: Mature  

About Mature Christians

As a mature Christian you have begun to put the knowledge and wisdom you have acquired into action. Mature Christians tend to exhibit these qualities:

  • You pray persistent, heart-felt prayers for others in accordance with God’s will on a regular basis.
  • Through prayer you have given your will over to God that his will may be done in all things throughout your life.
  • You have begun to and continue to transfer the spiritual knowledge you had previously learned from your mind into your heart.  In so doing, you are now putting into practice the things that you had learned.
  • You follow Christ’s example in your daily life and demonstrate his love through your actions.
  • You have obtained an unshakable faith and trust in God that never wavers even in the midst of trials and turmoil.

Spiritual Growth Articles

  • Highway

    How to Find Your Purpose in Life

    If you are feeling like your life doesn’t have meaning or purpose, then the focus of your life is out of harmony with God. To find your true purpose in life you need to seek God’s guidance to help you determine your gifts and abilities and how to use them to serve God by fulfilling the needs of others.

  • rock climbing

    How to Turn Hardships into Blessings!

    All too often we feel the pains and hardships of this world. At times it even feels like the world has turned against us. Have you ever felt like life was conspiring against you and bringing every kind of hardship imaginable upon you? Do you find yourself feeling angry and resentful as a result? Do you ever blame God for these misfortunes?

  • Child filled with joy

    It's a Joy!

    Joy abounds in our hearts and souls because of God’s precious gift to us, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Prayer Chain

    Forming a Prayer Chain

    The steps taken to form and maintain a prayer chain are steps along a path leading you on a spiritual journey. Remember that God is the leader of your journey and prayer ministry! As you are forming your prayer group either through an established church organization or friends and family, first lift up the ministry in prayer. Turn over your will to God and ask him to lead and direct your ministry. What blessings you will experience when God is in control!