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  Prayer Circle  

About The Prayer Circle

The Prayer Circle section is designed to increase our knowledge and understanding of prayer and enhance our prayer life. Through prayer we can help spread God’s influence throughout the entire world.

God's Guidance

God first in all things.
Unify your efforts on behalf of Christ.
Imitate Christ's behavior in your life.
Direct all your needs over to God's will in your life.
Advance your spiritual growth.
Notice the needs of others.
Connect with God daily.
Enhance your life by spreading God's love everywhere!

Prayer Tips

Prayer Tips

Here are some useful prayer tips that will enhance the effectiveness of your prayers:

  1. Got 5 minutes to spare - share it with God in prayer.
  2. First seek forgiveness before approaching God in prayer.
  3. Give praise before raising your concerns.
  4. Put your concerns in God's hands and let his will be done.
  5. Lay your burdens at God's feet and he will do the rest.
  6. End your prayers in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  7. Give thanks and know that your prayers are already answered.

Finding the Right Mindset & Perspective

  • Trusting in God is easy when things go our way; yet it is during times of hardship that we should rely on him the most.
  • Don’t let disappointments shake your faith or trust in God.
  • God’s love for us is unconditional; should not our love for him be the same?
  • Love God because he first loved you.
  • Seek peace in the midst of turmoil.
  • Find joy in times of pain and sorrow.
  • Look for opportunities in problems.
  • Don’t blame God for your circumstances; trust him to carry you through them.

Prayer Articles

  • Making time to pray

    Making Time to Pray

    No matter how busy our personal lives become there is always enough time in our daily schedule for some personal time with God through prayer.

  • Praying Through Trials

    Praying Your Way through Trials & Tribulations

    Do you ever feel like your prayers are not being answered and you don’t know why? If so, here are some important truths to keep in mind.

  • Beliver's Island

    Believer's Island

    Where do you want to be in your prayer life?  How badly do you want to talk with God?  How close of a relationship with God do you want to develop and how eager are you to do it?

  • Prayer Warrior

    How To Become A Prayer Warrior

    The biggest source of power that we have is prayer. Throughout the ages we have forgotten how to pray effectively. All too often our prayers do not carry any real power behind them because they are diminished when our own desires and biases creep into them.

  • Prayer Journal

    Building A Prayer Journal

    If you are interested in starting a prayer journal you can use the following example prayer journal as a model

  • Meditate with God

    Meditate With God - "The Meadow"

    Looking for a place of solitude, filled with peace and offering restoration of your soul, seek ye the Lord Jesus Christ.