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  Praying Your Way Through Trials  

Learning Points

  • Learn how your trials can boost your prayers for others.
  • Learn why some prayers go unanswered.

Praying Your Way through Trials & Tribulations

Through the many trials and tribulations experienced by dear friends, family members, fellow Christians, and my own personal struggles, many of God’s truths have been revealed to me.

If you are going through a difficult time either physically or emotionally, how you deal with your own personal situation can make a difference in the lives of others.  Also, in your weakness, the prayers you lift up to God on behalf of the needs of others will carry the greatest power.  When you are weak, then you are truly strong in serving God and His kingdom because God’s power of the Holy Spirit working in you shines through.

Do you ever feel like your prayers are not being answered and you don’t know why?  If so, here are some important truths to keep in mind:

  • When we ask God in prayer for specific outcomes we do so with our own limited vision. We see only 1 small piece of a very large jigsaw puzzle. We may think we know the best place for us to be, but only God can see the entire puzzle and truly knows where we fit into the picture.
  • The jigsaw puzzle is like God’s kingdom. Each of us is a piece that belongs somewhere in the puzzle. Usually when we pray for something and get a "No" for an answer it means we are trying to misplace our piece in the puzzle. It means what we are praying for is not in accordance with God’s will for us. We can’t force our piece to fit somewhere in the puzzle where it doesn’t belong.
  • Sometimes our prayers are not answered immediately and we naively assume that the Lord must be saying "No" to us, when in actual fact he is saying, "Not Yet." We often look for an immediate answer to a prayer, but often times the answers to our prayers may come years later. When assembling a puzzle you can’t always connect a piece until you have first assembled the portions of the puzzle that it connects to.