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  Spiritual Growth  

About Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is about developing a closer relationship with God through prayer. As you develop a closer relationship with God you gain greater spiritual knowledge and understanding of Him and His kingdom. This in turn leads to increased faith and trust in God. The more we put our faith and trust in God, the more spiritual knowledge and understanding he gives us.

This section is devoted to helping Christians grow in their faith and maturity. It provides various articles and other tips designed to expand our spirituality and enhance God's ministries.

How to Grow Spirituality Strong

In order to grow spiritually strong you must go through a process of testing your will. It is similar to the exercising of your body muscles, a slow arduous process of building strength and gaining muscle mass. This is most often a process that takes perseverance. Most often in life, spiritual growth is a challenging process of ups and downs, highs and lows, rewards and disappointments, but the results are far worth the journey. How you act and respond during times of adversity determines where you are on the spiritual growth scale. If you are never tested, how will you know how much true faith you really possess?

Spiritual Discipline

The minimum daily requirements for spiritual growth are as follows:

  • Heartfelt prayer for someone else.
  • Pray - Talk to God!
  • Be quiet! Listen for God's response! Sometimes God's answer is a feeling of peace or calmness.
  • Rejoice! Sing praises to God.
  • Be lighthearted!
  • Read a Bible verse or a psalm.
  • Be a light for Jesus Christ throughout your day to all people.

Christian Milestones

From the moment we first decide to become a Christian we embark on a new journey in our lives. This journey is marked by several milestones which identify how far we have come and how far we still have to go. It is important to note that as you pass a milestone you are expected to maintain everything you had previously achieved. Each milestone is an additional requirement added on to all the previous ones. As you progress, you will move from a beginner to an intermediate to a mature Christian.  Even if we reach all the milestones we must continually work hard just to maintain and improve upon our position.

Where are you in your journey? Use these milestones as both a guide and as a set of goals to help you find your way through this journey as a Christian.

  • Beginner Christian

    Beginner Christians

    — You have accepted the gift of salvation.

    — You fellowship with other Christians (Ex: Attend a church).

    — You are learning how to incorporate prayer in your life.

  • Intermediate

    Intermediate Christians

    Note: It would be beneficial to review the articles in the Beginner Christian section before proceeding with this section.

    — You study the Bible on your own and may attend small group studies as well.

    — You have increased your prayer life by praying on a regular basis.

    — You may be involved in service work by fulfilling the needs of others.

  • Mature Christians

    Mature Christians

    Note: It would be beneficial to review the articles in the Beginner Christian & Intermediate Christian sections before proceeding with this section.

    — You pray persistent, heart-felt prayers for others in accordance with God’s will on a regular basis.

    — Through prayer you have given your will over to God that his will may be done in all things throughout your life.

    — You have begun to and continue to transfer the spiritual knowledge you had previously learned from your mind into your heart.  In so doing, you are now putting into practice the things that you had learned.

    — You follow Christ’s example in your daily life and demonstrate his love through your actions.

    — You have obtained an unshakeable faith and trust in God that never wavers even in the midst of trials and turmoil.